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Product Care


Our jewelry are made of brass and sterling silver base, with platinum, rhodium and 12k gold plating. We also work with natural crystals and fresh water pearls. 


Sterling Silver/ Gold Plated Jewelry:

We suggest taking off your jewelry before exercising, bathing or sleeping. Avoid exposure to cosmetics, lotions, perfumes and cleaning compounds. Store them in a dry place or use an airtight plastic bag to prevent your jewelry from tarnishing and oxidation. Unfortunately we currently don’t have offline store in your region, we recommend that you visit your local jewelry store or professional jeweler to check when emerging any damage of your jewelry.

How to clean your jewelry:
  • Gently rub the jewelrywith the cloth several times.
  • Aquick wash in soapy water can be a sufficient way to keep your jewelry
  • Use THEYKNOW polishing cloth rub your jewelry if it shows light signs of oxidation.


Crystals/ Pearls:

Crystals are easily to absorb most of the impacts of daily activities and will occur scratched, cracked. In order to avoid wearing crystal jewelries while participating in any sporting or outdoor activities. 

Pearls are extremely soft bodies and make sure take off your pearls before participating in  household duties, and physical activities. Best method to prevent your pearls get damage is to keep them away from cosmetics, lotions, perfumes and cleaning compounds.   


Leather Goods:

In order to maintain leather handbags qualities please keep them away from directly exposed to source of light and heat, and make sure not over-filled items into your bag so it can conserve its original shape. Avoid contact with water, oils, perfumes or cosmetic products. If your item get wet from water or other scenario, remove excess moisture by dabbing with soft cloth or tissue and keep it dry at room temperature.


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